Learn How To Be A Blogging V.I.P. & Earn Your First $1k In Freebies, Sponsorship & Ads With Your Blog In A Few Months.

Have you noticed that other bloggers are making money & getting lots of free stuff to review and giveaway on their blog? If you’re ready to make rockstar success a done- deal for your blog I’ll teach you how to pitch companies, grow your social media networks & earn income from reviews, giveaways and corporate sponsorships.

A Specific Action Plan To Earn $1k+ In Sponsorships, Free Products & Get Noticed By Brands You Love.

Learning what companies look for when investing in blogs is key. Learning how to talk to brands, write an effective pitch, organize winning promotions & grow your social media followings for free without the hassle will help you reach rockstar success as quickly as possible.

If your a blogger ready to get noticed, learn how to pin yourself as a key influencer & make sure brands want to work with you and invest money in your blog.

Rockstar Blogging Is Your Go-To Guide To Earn Your First $1k in Freebies, Plus Extra Worksheets, Videos & Interviews To Make The Process Fun & Simple.

No matter how long you’ve been blogging or what your topic, you could set yourself on the path for success in just a few weeks.

Rockstar Bloggers Can Expect:

  • Free clothes, appliances, toys & review products.
  • Corporate sponsorships for conferences & travel as a brand ambassador.
  • V.I.P. nvites to big events like premiers & parties to blog about.
  • Extra perks like freebies, sidebar ads & social media growth

Rockstar Blogging Will Teach You How To:

  • Understand what companies look for in sponsoring a blogger.
  • Write the “Perfect Pitch” and talk to major brands.
  • Grow your traffic & social media followings for free using giveaways.
  • Prep your blog so brands will seek you out to send you free stuff.
  • Build brand relationships effectively to earn free travel or sponsorships.
"Rockstar Blogging fasttracks you the next level with your blog. You don't just learn how to attract raving fans; you are also given a complete roadmap to pitching companies and growing your influence.” -Sandra Boehner
"After watching Shannyn build her blog into an empire of scoring free stuff and working with big name brands, I knew this was something I had to find out more about. Her ebook is a fantastic (and not boring) tutorial for anyone who wants to start earning thousands of dollars in free stuff - even if you have a small blog! I already got a new deal with a company I've been dying to work with! Thank you Shannyn!" -Carrie Smith

About Shannyn Allan

I wrote Rockstar Blogging because I know that earning money and freebies from your blog isn’t just fun, it’s vital. I love helping other bloggers go from rags to riches and start wherever they are. When I started blogging at frugalbeautiful.com I had no money and no influence but learned how to take even a small blog to big time success to score over $1k in freebies in under 6 months!

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